Meatless Monday: Warm French Lentils

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday:)

So I have been doing my best to limit the amount of meat I have with dinner (most breakfasts and lunches are already vegetarian for me) and I thought I’d share my first recipe here with you guys. I was a vegetarian for 10 years and a pescatarian for 3 years, but food allergies have made me change my diet despite my political will, so having a meatless Monday fulfils that need for me.

But first,  here’s the Gist about Meatless Monday:

  • It takes about 460 gallons of water for 1/4 pound of beef, or about 1,750 liters per 113 grams. USGS
  •  It takes about 500 gallons of water/pound of chicken (1,890 liters/.45 kg) USGS
  • California has experience record droughts for almost a decade, and has regular droughts for the past 30 years. USGS DroughtMonitor.
  • Climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and duration of droughts in the future.
  • By reducing your meat consumption you can reduce the strain on municipal and state water systems
  • Beans, Lentils, nuts/nutmilks and tofu are easy and inexpensive ways to aquire protein.

Alright! It’s a short Gist tonight…lol

So I have never been able to cook Lentils unless it has been in soup… I always cook them until they are flavorless mush. But not this recipe! So tasty! I got this recipe from my mother in law, who originally got it online. It’s really easy, takes about 45 minutes, but the prep could be done well in advance. The only thing I recommend halving the salt (as per the MIL instructions)

Check it out!Warm French Lentils

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