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Domestic Sustainability and Environmentally Conscious practices

Sustainability – Home Renovation DIY Part 1

So if you had read my last post, you would have learned that the Hubs and I relocated to West Kelowna this past fall. To get the townhouse ready for sale and get some bothersome things in the new house taken care of, we… Continue Reading “Sustainability – Home Renovation DIY Part 1”

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Hello Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for much of this year, especially after our Japan trip. A lot has happened in the last 10 months, all of it good and very exciting. As many of you know I am a Jill of many… Continue Reading “Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…”

Greener Travel: Japan Part 2

Hi Everyone! I am so so so sorry for my tardiness getting this second post about Japan out! I have had a very uncharacteristically busy spring so far with my product photography and a new writing gig. Whew! Anyway, this upcoming month things should… Continue Reading “Greener Travel: Japan Part 2”

Waste-Less Wednesday: A vampire in your home

Vampire Electricity Use

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today for Waste-Less Wednesday, we are going to talk about something a little scary… I hate to break it to you, but you have a monster lurking in your home. It is a master of disguise, an unexpected fiend, a treacherous… Continue Reading “Waste-Less Wednesday: A vampire in your home”

Mix It Up Monday: Reusable Tea Bags

Loose Leaf Tea

Hey Everyone! After a small hiatus of Mix It Up Monday, I am happy to say that it will be back along with Waste-Less Wednesdays. For those of you who are unfamiliar with MIUM, it is just a short blog post about something you… Continue Reading “Mix It Up Monday: Reusable Tea Bags”

Greener Travel: Japan Part 1

Traveling to Japan, pack your bag!

Hey Everyone, thanks again for joining me here for the social experiment which is my life. Some of you may know from my IG account, that last week I had to opportunity to travel to Japan with the Hubs for work. I always have… Continue Reading “Greener Travel: Japan Part 1”

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! Today I wanted to just share with you guys a brief post about one of the most influential female environmentalists who has inspired me through my entire degree and career. Rachel Carson famously published Silent Spring in 1962 which described… Continue Reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

thredUP: Is An Online Thrift Store Too Good To Be True?


Hey Everyone, hope your week is going well for you during the doldrums of winter. I feel like no matter how many sunny days we get, it is not quite enough to chase away the rainy day blues this time of year… I am… Continue Reading “thredUP: Is An Online Thrift Store Too Good To Be True?”

A Greener Period? Is it possible?

Hi Everyone! This post is mostly for the ladies/femmes, but if you boys want to know more stick around. So, periods are a topic I have been asked to write about for the past couple of years but always balked at. Mostly because I… Continue Reading “A Greener Period? Is it possible?”

Review Round-Up: Green Product Reviews

Green Period Products

Hi Everyone! This blog post is going to be a little different than most . I have had a couple requests from readers for a post round-up of my green product reviews, so we are going to call this the Review Round-Up: Green Product… Continue Reading “Review Round-Up: Green Product Reviews”

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