A Hairy Situation: AG Natural Review

AG Natural Hair Care

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So, as many of my friends and family are aware of, I love hair. I love to style it. Colour it. Cut it and generally do whatever I want to it. My AMAZING friend and stylist Savannah has been my partner in crime cutting my hair carte blanche every 6 weeks for the better part of a decade.

Most of the time I just plunk my coffee laden butt into her chair and say “fix me!” and away she goes with her mastery! From long and blonde, to short and dark, I’ve had it all! Which also means I have used and tested A LOT of product. So when I was given the opportunity to test out AG’s newest product line Natural, I was excited!

AG Natural Hair Care
AG Natural Hair Care

This is AG’s first foray into plant-based and vegan-friendly shampoos/conditioners and styling products and I think they have done a bang up job! As always their products are sulphate and paraben free and 98% of the ingredients of the Natural line of products are either “NATURAL INGREDIENTS Plant, mineral or microbial ingredients produced in nature” or “NATURALLY-DERIVED INGREDIENTS Originate from plant, mineral or microbial substances, manufactured through physical process or simple chemical process”. Only three ingredients are man-made and are only present in two of the products of this line, the Dry Lift and Remedy. So starting with that, let’s introduce the product line.

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The first two are the Balance Shampoo and Boost Conditioner. Formulated with apple cider vinegar for cleansing and cuticle closing, these two do a great job of removing the build-up of product while maintaining moisture of the strands.

AG Boost and Balance Shampoo and Conditioner
AG Boost and Balance Shampoo and Conditioner

Unlike many shampoos which strive for sustainable status, this shampoo does lather quite nicely and smells AMAZING. In an attempt to be transparent with their ingredient lists, AG has listed all the product ingredients including what their purpose is (surfactant, emollient, preservative etc.) and where they originate from (coconut, corn, shea etc.) and whether they are certified organic or not.

This is a great start for a company like AG who’s customer’s are used to a particular “feel” from their products while also making strides towards sustainability. For instance, they list several mild surfactants from vegetable oils and coconut oils (if you aren’t sure what surfactants are have a quick look at a previous blog post here on the topic) But basically surfactants are the cleanser and foam, though cleansers don’t have to be foamy or lather to be effective. This feature of cleansers is just something we have grown used to as consumers and like the feel as it indicates that we are getting clean. Many of the surfactants listed originated from coconut oil and corn oils which were noted to be from sustainable sources and/or organic. One surfactant was listed as “vegetable oil” which can be code for palm oil so I contacted AG directly asking that exact question. They were so speedy in their response, less than 5 minutes on Twitter, that their products do not contain palm products. Sweet!

The Boost Conditioner is smooth and yet not heavy in my hair, which can be a problem for my pixie length hair. The smell is even better, as a blend of lemongrass, sage and vanilla which is surprisingly a great combination.

AG Remedy, Rosehip Balm and Dry Lift. Natural Hair Care
AG Remedy, Rosehip Balm and Dry Lift

For post-shower styling they have a few products which both nourish your hair and scalp, but also prepare it for styling.

The Remedy spray is similar to a leave-in conditioner, but isn’t anything like what we used back when we were kids. This light and refreshing spray really does help reduce tangles and frizz while imparting a great scent to your locks (coloured and not) helping protect from heat styling.

Lazy Day Hair- Balm, Air Dry, Bobby Pins. AG Natural Hair Care
Lazy Day Hair- Balm, Air Dry, Bobby Pins

The Rosehip balm is just what the doctor ordered for those days you don’t want to blow dry your hair. Intended to help minimize frizz and fly-away’s, you apply the balm to slightly damp hair, focusing more on the ends. What you get is a smooth head of hair which is manageable and soft. I have pin-straight hair, so I am guessing this will be a great for anyone with curly or wavy hair as well. It is excellent for those days which require low-maintenance hair care without sacrificing  you looks! I also used it while blow drying and found that it was really effective in  making my hair smoother and straighter, eliminating my need to use a flat iron completely.

But above all, my favorite product is the Dry Lift. This little tub is full of miracles. As I mentioned above, I have pin-straight hair which loves just to lay flat all day. In the past I was using lift powders, but they left my scalp dry and itchy and my hair gritty and dusty looking. Not great. But the Dry Lift is fantastic: just scoop a minuscule amount of the paste into your fingers, emulsify and then rub into your roots for instant lift. I found that only once did my hair sag a little (probably because it was 32° Celsius outside) and all I did was flip my hair upside down, give it a shake, and the lift was back in action. This product contains one of the “man made” ingredients, sodium benzoate, which is a preservative that is approved for use by organic and natural certification organizations such as ECOCERT.

productbagOver all, I feel really excited and confident in recommending this product to you all as it not only met my high expectations, but surpassed them in many ways. I love the organic and sustainable ingredients, AG’s effort to make eco-hair care more mainstream and accessible, and the effectiveness of their formulations. I was excited to see the shelves of my hair salon lined with their bottles (which are all recyclable by the way).

Have a product you would like me to test (either as a consumer or as a producer)? Send me a message any time, I would love to hear from you!

Cheers, Heather

The opinions of the post are my own and not those of the manufacturer. Always read and follow the label of all products to know if they are right for you. This post was neither paid for or solicited by AG in anyway.

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  1. This line sounds great, especially the Dry Lift… my hair could definitely do with a little oomph so I’m excited to try it!

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