Mix it up Mondays (on a Tuesday): Laundry Day

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sorry about my delay on Mix it up Monday! I have been dealing with my neighbors renovating their townhome and it sounds like WW3 in here and I can’t seem to focus. Anyway… I decided on doing our MIUM on a Tuesday!

Today’s swap is a fairly easy one, but I challenge you all to step outside your routine to do this. For YEARS I was buying Ecos brand laundry detergent from Costco. It is $16.99 for a 210 oz  bottle and says it does 210 loads. But honestly, for a large load of laundry it required 4 oz, not 1oz, so the label is a bit deceptive. You can also buy it from well.ca for $11.06 right now on sale. There isn’t anything wrong with it, it is great detergent free from harmful chemicals, vegan and palm oil free.

Ecos Laundry  Soap
Ecos Laundry Soap

However, I recently ran out of my gigantic jug of it and decided now was the time to switch to a brand which I could buy in bulk/refillable. Introducing an amazing, local, Canadian company: Live for Tomorrow! 

I purchased this little bottle at The Chuckling Duckling in Fort Langley where they have bulk soaps, salts, shampoo bars, deodorants and much much more! To use it, I have been using 4 pumps of the soap in our HE washers dispenser. That’s it! 4 pumps!

Live For Tomorrow

For the same number of washes and the same price as the Ecos brand from Costco, you get a refillable option which takes up less than a quarter of the space! Look at the size difference! You can also buy LFT products online through their website and at other dispensaries in Vancouver and around the lower mainland!


So if you are still using conventional brands, give a brand like Ecos or Live for Tomorrow a shot. They are just as effective in cleaning and getting stains out, but are biodegradable and are safe for our lakes and oceans. If you want to know more about the detriments of detergents to our oceans, read up on it via my hair care blog (yep, the same detergents used on your hair as your clothes… yuck.) If you aren’t sold on the bulk options yet, don’t worry. Take a smaller step which works with your routine and just try a ecofriendly brand instead such as Seventh Generation, Ecos, and Live for Tomorrow (you don’t have to buy it in bulk, just recycle your container.)

So happy laundry day folks!

– Heather




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