Health, Wellness & Lifestyle TV: Episode 33 featuring Cedar Coast.

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Happy Thursday Everyone!

January was a crazy month wasn’t it? I feel that normally it is pretty quiet for me, but this year it has been the polar opposite. I have been working on several projects and collaborations, working with clients in person and online and some general chaos in our household.


Unfortunately we lost our sweet elderly cat Diesel last week which has impacted us all greatly. We adopted the scraggly old cat several years ago anticipating he would only live out 6 more months of his life with us, but we wanted to make those last months his best. Two and a half years later, Diesel far exceeded our expectations on how much his life would impact ours and lived to the ripe old age of 16 or 17. He was forgiving, loving and a gentle giant. We were lucky to spend that time with him and we will miss him so much.

Part of January’s busy schedule was receiving all of my YouTube episodes of our feature on Health, Wellness & Lifestyle TV. You can see my previous episode and a recap of the products I discussed here. Next I will share with you guys my second episode with Tammy-Lynn where in which I discuss 5 things you can do today to be greener tomorrow.

In this episode I discuss 5 ways to be greener tomorrow with changes today. Many of these ideas are things we have discussed at length, however they are always worth reiterating! Here are the 5 products I recommend in episode 33:

Klean Kanteen Straw Set

Klean Kanteen Straw Set

There have been headlines lately which report communities, restaurants and bars opting to serve drinks without straws. I personally don’t mind drinking from the side of my glass (we do it at home everyday) but for those of you with sensitive teeth, want to preserve your lipstick or just have a strong attachment to straws, you need to pick up this Klean Kanteen Straw Set

. You needn’t be worried about cleaning them, this set comes with a straw brush for easy cleaning!

flip & tumble Produce Bag

Now Design Bag Tote Sweet Ride

Now Design Bag Tote Sweet Ride


Reusable Snack Bags by Evercoast Handmade

Along side of the discussion of banning plastic straws in municipalities, is the conversation of banning plastic bags. Did you know that oil capital of Canada Fort McMurrary banned plastic shopping bags back in 2010? I feel like communities like mine should be following suit, though it is very late. So take it a step further and ditch the plastic produce bags along side the plastic shopping bags. I personally use these flip & tumble bags, but you can always sew your own if you are handy like that! While you’re at it, switch from traditional zip-loc bags to food safe fabric bags like those from Evercoast Handmade (formerly It’s Sew Kara.)

Earth Friendly Products ECOS HE Liquid Laundry Detergent

Earth Friendly Products ECOS HE Liquid Laundry Detergent

Moss Creek Wool Works Pure Wool Dryer Balls in Natural

Moss Creek Wool Works Pure Wool Dryer Balls in Natural

Switch up your laundry routine by switching from those heavily scented detergents and fabric softeners to a healthier and more environmentally friendly options. I loved my Ecos brand detergent and just recently switched to a refillable brand. In addition these Moss Creek Wool Works balls are a great softening options as they naturally remove static and manually move laundry in the dryer to prevent wrinkles. I personally put scented oils on my felt balls to add a subtle scent which doesn’t aggravate my allergies or asthma.

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Next week I will be discussing a topic which is “the pits”, arm pits that is! Do you know what you put on your skin? How about what those products do to the environment? Next week I will be sharing my deodorant hunt with you guys and what products stink and what ones didn’t.



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