1 year without plastic wrap: How’s it going?

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Well it sure didn’t take long for it to feel like fall did it? Here on the coast September 1st came and Boom! Cool weather and rainy skies have become the norm yet again.

So today I wanted to give you guys a little review of how our household has been managing without plastic wrap for approximately the last year (I think it is more like a year and a half) and give a review of a new product which I just introduced into my house this month.

Plastic wrap is typically not accepted in municipal curbside recycling programs, however many recycling depots in BC are beginning to accept plastic packaging and all London Drugs in Canada. The issue is that this still requires energy to process and recycle. Additionally, although the debate still rages on, there is evidence that plastic wrap and plastic food containers can leach harmful endocrine disrupting phthalates into foods when heated. The FDA has determined a “safe” level of of these chemicals, but of course it is all based on a moderate amount of exposure. Harvard Health Publishing has a great article outlining the do’s and don’t of microwaving plastics, so have a read here.

So, the ways in which we have gotten around that stretchy clear devil has evolved this year. At first we used these Russbe reusable baggies to store excess fruits and veggies in the fridge along with our trusty Anchor brand glass storage containers, including two casserole dishes which also have lids (great for transporting food). Additionally we have been getting great use out of our Evercoast Handmade beeswax wraps (I also like the Abeego wraps) for everything from veggies to bowls of soup which need to be refrigerated. The bonus is that the glass containers and the Russbe baggies both are dishwasher safe.

However, just recently a girlfriend of me asked about how we microwave foods and or store/transport large items like bowls of salads… And she had a point… there are times that I struggle to take containers to potlucks and end up using about an acre of tinfoil with ultimately falls off and then ends up in the recycling bin. When we microwave I typically cover my dish with a second dish, however this does result in some spills and one chipped plate. So I began to search around for some eco-friendly solutions which would work for our needs. I came across these great bowl covers made from food safe silicone by Culinary Couture. 

These silicone covers come in a pack of 5 sizes (two are missing in these images because they are in use!) and have amazing sealing ability… When you get the right size for your bowl (about an 1″ extra around the rim) you can slightly depress the middle forcing out some excess air. This creates a SUPER seal and you can even pick up the entire dish by the little handle! Would I trust it to be slosh proof with a container of soup in the car? No… But it definitely will stand up to a pot-holed road and potato salad. BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe, these bad boys can even be used to cover a frying pan as a splatter guard (safe to 450° F).

So far they have stood up to both the dishwasher and hand washing, coming clean easily in both situations even with sticky baked beans splattered on them and doughy bun glued to them.

Recap of plastic wrap alternatives:

Anyway team, hope this helps you out and I will be back next week with a second product review for you guys. In the mean time, tell us how you have skipped out on the plastic wrap in the comments section below!



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