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As summer comes to an end, I have been rushing around to find recipes to preserve my harvest and seasonal fruits and veggies from my region. Typically I go one route for preservation: freezing. Why? Because I think there are only so many uses for pickles and jams and I am too short on space to store a lot of jars or cans. Plus I’m a little lazy, let’s face it, and this is super easy…

My favourite way of preserving basil and other herbs is to freeze them into pre-made pesto, leaves in olive oil and leaves in water. Basically it allows me to thaw some essential herbs for future use in pasta sauces, stews and tajines. I pour them into ice cube trays and freeze them into dinner-portion sizes. I also did this with about a dozen somewhat overripe peaches (pitted, peeled and blended) before pouring them into icecube trays. These are perfect for smoothies and our overnight oats.

Thai Basil leaves in water, olive oil and with chili flakes

However, last year when we denounced plastic zip-style bags and freezer bags, it created a void in our kitchen. Normally I would pop these into a freezer bag, but when we finally ran out I switched to some of our glass storage containers. We then had an unfortunate incident where one shattered upon reentry…. So… we had to find a new solution.

I had been meaning to find 1 gallon freezer bags for the last year and this was the catalyst finally. After doing a great deal of research I landed on the Full Circle brand 4 litre (1 gal) zip style bags. These heavy duty bags are clear so you can see what is inside easily and they are gusseted at the bottom so they fit a range of products in them.

They are top rack dishwasher safe, BPA free, Full Circle is a B Corporation and their standards are top notch. I also spill tested them and they are leak proof so feel free to put some extra soups in these guys and freeze them flat for future lunches.

So far, I give these guys a 10/10 in use and durability. The price from Amazon wasn’t cheap ($17 CAD) each (edit: I didn’t mention originally that I purchased 3 bags, totalling $51.00) however; I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and that it is difficult to put a price on sustainability. I expect that I can use these for 3 or more years. A rough estimate is that the average family uses 5 large freezer bags a month (thanks sister Julia for the #!), so about 60 a year, which at $8.00 per box of 10 is $48.00 a year in bags. Not much at all. But for an extra $3.00 you can have a sustainable option instead and you save yourself several years of future costs.

So, that’s that! Let me know in the comments section below what you guys use as an alternative for freezer food storage. I’d love to hear!



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