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Hello Everyone!

So today I would share with you all one of my green cleaning solutions! It has been one of the rainiest springs on record here on the West Coast and now that we have Juno, I have been battling muddy paw-prints in my foyer and therefore have been sweeping/mopping like crazy everyday. So this solution is for my Swiffer Wet mop- you know, that thingy with the expensive pads which dry up before you can use them.

Juno and Mop
Swiffer Mop and Poodle for scale

Yeah. That thing. We all have one, or if you don’t head to your local thrift store and pick one up there. It is great for cleaning up in between “deep cleans”. I opted for a DIY solution when I read about the chemicals that are found in the store bought cleaning solution and how it isn’t terribly healthy for pets to ingest (ie. when they walk across your clean wet floors and then lick their paws looking at you in disdain.) For my cleaning solution I use 4 ingredients, and 2 of them are optional. But here are the basics! It is fast, cheap, and earth-friendly!

So the recipe is essentially a simple 2:1 ratio of distilled water and vinegar. The essential oil is to leave a nice scent, but isn’t necessary. The vodka is also optional, but I found on my laminate floors it helped leave them streak free.

A typical recipe for my needs is 6 cloths, 2 cups distilled water, 1 cup vinegar, 15-20 drops of essential oil and 1 ounce of vodka. Mix it in all in the tupperware and then soak cloths in mixture. Boom! Ready to go! And to be honest, I usually eye-ball this and don’t bother with a measuring cup.

What you will need:

  • 6-8 11″x11″ dishcloths/bar mops/hand knit or crochet squares. I use a combination of bar mops purchased from Canadian Tire and hand knit squares (I used up random yarn ends)
  • Tupperware or plastic bag
  • White Vinegar (regular or cleaning vinegar, your choice)
  • Distilled Water
  • Essential Oil (I use Sweet Orange from Calia) *Optional
  • Vodka *Optional but it does make cleaning a lot more enjoyable. Kidding 😉

    That’s it! In fact, I will let you all in on a secret… You can clean your ENTIRE house with varying ratios of those ingredients plus Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. I make an all-purpose surface cleaner, tub and shower cleaner, and glass cleaner all out of some combination of vinegar, distilled water and vodka. For those with little ones, I would recommend the actual cleaning vinegar as it is stronger and has better disinfecting abilities.

    After you’re done simply throw the cloth in the wash and dryer like usual. Once you use up all the cloths, make a new mixture and start all over again.

    Happy cleaning everyone!






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