Don’t let aluminum foil, I mean spoil, your day.

Parchminum aluminum foil replacement

Happy New Year Everyone!

This year I have decided to try and make sure that I post more consistently about my everyday sustainability. I hope this will help inspire you guys to try and achieve daily sustainability, rather than view it as one or two time events to do throughout the month or even year. Sometimes I take it for granted that I already live a fairly green life and that perhaps even the small things we do in our household may help you guys reach your sustainability goals.

Some of these are gadgets for the kitchen, garage, and garden. Over the past couple of years we have accumulated a sizable cache of reusable and zero waste items which help us create less waste. One of my favorite items has been the Cookina Parchminum tin foil replacement. This is a tinfoil like silver sheet which we use as a liner for our baking sheets and pans. It’s non-stick but not Teflon, oven-safe, and even dishwasher safe (though we don’t do that). It comes with a ring for storage and a scrubber. I also want to mention that this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like this product!

This sheet is fantastic! The food just slides right off and even stubborn things like burnt cheese just wipes off. Cookina also makes a BBQ safe liner as well (the black one pictured) which is excellent from grilling salmon, small vegetables like asparagus, and pizzas.

Over the past year we have only purchased one roll of tinfoil and it hasn’t even been 50% used. This $14.99 purchase has saved us money, time, the energy and resources that are needed to produce tinfoil and the energy needed to recycle it.

It might seem like a simple change, but one that over time will reduce our carbon footprint. 316 million Americans regularly use aluminum foil still in their kitchens, amounting in 2.4 million tonnes of foil ending up in landfills in 2015, up from 1.5 million tonnes in 2012. So as you can see, we aren’t getting any better at recycling nor reducing our consumption of such a high value material.

So check these handy sheets out on Amazon, at Canadian Tire, and Superstore the next time you’re there. You won’t regret picking one up!



6 Comments on “Don’t let aluminum foil, I mean spoil, your day.

  1. I recently saw this in a store and was wondering if it was good. Thanks, I am going to try it out.

  2. Such a cool product! I had no idea this existed. I rely heavily on my silicone baking mats but I would love to have a couple of these on hand as well! Thank you for the heads up!

  3. I am so glad you posted this! I have been wondering about reusable tin foil, so I am definitely going to look this up!

  4. Thanks for that tip! I have something like this for my dehydrator but they don’t work in oven. I’ll have to check these out!

  5. This sounds interesting!
    It is something I will check into… have you checked into safety aspects of it? That’s something I am very concerned with as we made new purchases for our home.

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