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Green Period Products

Hi Everyone! This blog post is going to be a little different than most . I have had a couple requests from readers for a post round-up of my green product reviews, so we are going to call this the Review Round-Up: Green Product Reviews. Instead of making you all search through my various posts I thought I would put them all up for you here to access! Everything from natural hair care, to tin foil, and cleaning products.

You can find all (or most) of my green product reviews here. Later this year I will also be posting a review on natural and reef safe sunscreens, my favourite vegan and cruelty makeup brands, body lotions, sustainable online clothing retail companies and a few more for the men-folk including men’s deodorant and anti-aging serums. I will be updating this post regularly and I think eventually pin it to the top of the page, or perhaps even make a dedicated page to this… But for now I will stick with this post. So have a look through the list and see what tickles your fancy!

  1. Natural Hair Dyes: swing and a miss or a home run?
  2. Don’t let Aluminum Foil, I mean Spoil, Your Day
  3. A Hairy Situation: AG Natural Review
  4. A Hair Situation Part 1
  5. A Hairy Situation Part 2
  6. Grow Your Own Mushrooms
  7. Laundry Day
  8. Reusable Freezer Bags
  9. It’s The Pits: A Natural Deodorant Review 
  10. A Greener Period **coming soon

There are more to come, so stay tuned! Also, if you have any requests or suggestions let me know. I often get texts from friends asking for reviews on products I have tried and think “I need to write a post about that…” So leave a message below or send me a DM on my Facebook or Instagram pages!

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