Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Hey Everyone! 
Just thought I would write a quick blog about this amazing little mushroom growing kit by Back to the Roots, a California based company. They are producing these organic mushroom kits in addition to aquaponic herb gardens and other DIY vegetable growing kits.

I picked this kit up at Home Sense of all places for  $11.99. 

In BC we are lucky enough to have fresh mushrooms grown right here in the Fraser Valley under Canadian requirements. However, most canned mushrooms that are available in grocery stores are actually farmed and processed in China. Although reports of Chinese mushrooms being grown in human waste is unsubstantiated (as far as I can tell), the carbon footprint associated with imported foods is enormous. So avoid canned mushrooms when possible and always (Always!) buy fresh organic mushrooms-their ultra absorbent skins make it next to impossible to wash away the pesticides used to protect them.

As always, I encourage my readers to branch out and try some new eco-habits like growing your own fruits and veggies in addition to visiting your local farmers markets!

I will keep you all posted with our mushroom growing endeavors!

Cheers, Heather 

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  1. I liked your comment about the absorbency of the mushroom skin, and how it is not easy to remove topical contaminants.

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