Welcome to Cedar Coast Sustainability.

Born out of the desires of its founder Heather Youl to leave the planet in better condition than she entered it, Cedar Coast strives to help their clients reach their domestic and business sustainability goals through Green Life Coaching, Green Travel Concierge, and Domestic Sustainability Consulting in Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, the Okanagan and the Sunshine Coast. Domestic environmental sustainability is a learned skill, meaning we as a society are still actively learning and understanding how our actions impact the environment around us. Cedar Coast provides that expert knowledge which can help you achieve your sustainability goals.Heather Youl Sustainability Coach

“Like any personal goal, the best results are achieved when we are guided by expert advice and personalized plans are implemented.”

Learn more about Cedar Coast Sustainability’s services here.  Want to read more about domestic sustainability and the projects by Cedar Coast? Check out the blog today.

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