Your Green Personal Assistant, Coach and Concierge

Cedar Coast Sustainability seeks to both educate and facilitate environmental sustainability within the home; however this isn’t always easy with our busy modern lives. Questions I am asked on a regular basis are:

“What changes can I make? What products do I buy which are sustainable? How do I know this [said product] is healthy for my family and the environment? How do I know if it is just greenwashed?”and lastly “Who has time do make all those changes?!”

Cedar Coast offers three types of services:

Green Personal Assistant

Environmental Sustainability Coach and Consultant

Green Concierge

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Green Personal Assistant

Want to make changes in your life but can’t find the time to do it? As your families green personal assistant, I can provide a wide variety of services which include:

  • Regular and scheduled deliveries of household necessities like high quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products, personal and beauty products, and pet products.
  • Personalized product and service sourcing for groceries, dry cleaning, and cleaning personnel.
  • Extraneous recycling services. Recycling of products which are not accepted at curbside like glass (select municipalities), hazardous chemicals (paint & light bulbs), soft plastics, and much much more.
  • Domestic detoxes are the systematic removal of harmful chemicals and products from your home and their replacement with environmentally friendly and sustainable options.
  • Increase household energy efficiency through the elimination and replacement of traditional lighting systems and appliances throughout homes.
  • Waste(less) kitchen conversions. Make your kitchen function better while also helping the environment with a waste(less) kitchen conversion where in which harmful plastics are eliminated through the replacement and reorganization of food storage and pantries with high quality glassware, reduction or elimination of paper products and through the overall organization and optimization of the space.
Environmental Sustainability Coach

Are you the hands on type? Like to DIY and learn? This service is for you then. As a sustainability coach I can guide you through the process of becoming more personally environmentally sustainable. Rigorous carbon footprint analysis will provide us with a useful baseline for you and your family to move forward from. Coaching can be based on a self-dictated goal or as a comprehensive personal transformation. Regular follow-ups track the changes to your carbon footprint and allow for troubleshooting in areas you may have issues with. Customized plans include: neighbourhood specific sourcing for products/groceries, progress monitoring, guidance with government renovation rebate programs and much more.

Green Concierge

Traveling to the Vancouver area? Want all the green comforts of home while you are away? Cedar Coast can prepare your VRBO or other accommodations with green necessities such as organic and fair trade foods and beverages, environmentally friendly beauty and hygiene products and much more. Don’t worry about trying to source your morning smoothie ingredients and filling your pantry while trying to shake the jet lag, you can arrange with Cedar Coast to have those chores completed before you even arrive.

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