Over the past few years I have identified five major categories of our homes which can benefit from a sustainability face-lift: kitchens, bathrooms, chemicals, personal care, and energy, though it is definitely not limited to these.

The First Step

Initially I come to a clients home (or business if desired), discuss their existing concerns and then perform an audit. This entails a detailed inventory of products used, food profiles and produce sourcing, estimation waste management systems and their efficiency and much much more. This can take about an hour depending on the size of the home.

The Second Step

Then comes the fun part! You and I sit down and discuss your goals. I can suggest areas in which I can make a greater impact through goal setting, and or you can suggest areas which have been concerning you. Some of these goals include domestic detoxes, where in which I remove, responsibly discard and replace your household cleaning products with healthy and environmentally safe ones including bathroom cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, laundry detergent and more. I can provide both all-inclusive replacement services, or provide you with the best retail locations to purchase it yourself. Other common goals are the transition to “wasteless” or “less-waste” kitchens. This includes the elimination of harmful plastics in pantries, reduction or elimination of paper waste, food storage solutions, waste management solutions and responsible ingredient sourcing. The idea is to make your home healthy for both your family and the planet by changing some fundamental domestic habits.

Clients of Cedar Coast come from many walks of life: they are busy, have families, are couples or are single, professionals in all sorts of industries, some live in downtown condos, others in large suburban homes. What they all have in common is a desire to live with a more gentle footprint. My goal is to utilize their existing habits and tweak them to achieve their sustainability goals. For instance a client may already be an avid online shopper, or use grocery delivery services or frequent farmers markets. These habits are then used to achieve these new goals without having to develop new habits. The best part? I only take it as far as you are comfortable with.

“Like with any goal (weight loss, athletic training, or career) steady baby-steps are required. A drastic change is an unsustainable change.”

The Third Step

In reality this is many steps, depending on my clients needs. In most cases I complete two additional follow-up visits at my clients home to evaluate their successes and tweak systems which may not be perfect. These subsequent visits are a way to provide the support clients needs, measure successes and are an opportunity to create new goals!

Other Services
  • Carbon-footprint calculation.
  • Energy Efficiency – Replacement of inefficient lighting and appliances, including a cost-benefit analysis.
  • Personal Detox- Personal care product replacement (cosmetics, skin care etc.)
  • Wardrobe Detox – Identify unethical and unsustainable fashion habits.
  • Personal Organization – efficiency is key to sustainability.
  • Waste Management Systems – rebuilding or installing effective systems.
  • Waste-less Kitchen Transformations.
  • Pantry Revitalization’s – elimination of harmful food-plastics in products and storage.
  • Responsible Sourcing – produce, meats & poultry etc.
  • Domestic Detox – harmful household chemical elimination.
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly product delivery and special waste removal.

Clients are able to take these goals to any extent they like. Some prefer a hands on approach, completing their goals based on the information provided by Cedar Coast, while others prefer all-inclusive services in which much of the setup and maintenance is completed by us. It is up to you.

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