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Clothes: A Girls Real Best Friend Part 3

Clothing: A Girls Read Best Friend

Clothes: A Girls Real Best Friend. Part 3. I list my top 5 favorite sustainable clothing companies.

A Hairy Situation: How I Cleaned Up my Act- Part 1

green hair products

Happy Wednesday Everyone! So I have been toying with the idea of doing a series called “A Tour of our Green Life” being our pantry, kitchen, living room, garage etc to give you guys an idea of how normal sustainable living can be. Although…

Camping Hacks: Plastic Free July

Camping Hacks: Plastic Free July Style

Quicky Post: DIY Camping Wet Wipes

Hey All!  So as promised I am keeping you all in the loop about how we are preparing for a Plastic Free July style camping trip and I wanted to share a quick DIY with you.  Typically wipes are made from synthetic fibers and…

Green On the Go

Learn how to be Green on the Go!

A Cold Brew For You: DIY Cold Brew Coffee

Make your own organic, sustainable cold brew coffee for all your summer sips.

A Clean, Green Mother’s Day 

Top 5 Green, Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts.

Cedar Coast’s New Logo!

Hey All! I am super excited to unveil Cedar Coast’s Logo finally! It was an interesting design process, but I am so happy with the result. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements which will feature our logo front and center! #business #sustainability #domesticsustainability…

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