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Update: Cedar Coast is on the Air!

Want to know what products Cedar Coast recommended on their first episode on Health, Wellness and Lifestyle TV? Check out the blog today!

Making Waves in the Salon: A Profile

Joy Salon: A Green Circle Salon

Want to know how the beauty industry can be sustainable? Check out my profile on Savannah Falk, stylist, sustainable business owner and mold breaker.

The Scariest Part of Halloween

North American’s have a weird fetish, and most don’t even know it… Halloween, the ghoulish, frightful fall spectacle which has it origins in Celtic traditions has morphed through history into a equally frightful capitalist holiday. If you think that is a harsh assessment of…

Essentials in Sustainability – Leather Care

Hey All!  I thought I would share some wisdom with you from back in the days that I rode horses and cleaned tack (saddlery) weekly. Horse tack is 95% real leather which meant that constant cleaning and oiling was necessary to keep is supple…

A Hairy Situation: How I Cleaned Up My Act- Part 2

Ever wonder what your shampoo and conditioners are really made of? You might not want to know… Switching to environmentally friendly and sustainable shampoo and conditioners has never been easier and more affordable.

A DIY Upcycle: Mud Cloth Pillows 

Up-Cycle DIY: Mud Cloth Pillows

Camping Hacks: Plastic Free July

Camping Hacks: Plastic Free July Style

Plastic Free July: Week 1

Happy Tuesday Everyone! So as the second week of Plastic Free July gets under way I wanted to share with my readers our successes and failures from the first week. Although we already have eliminated plastic bags, produce bags, most plastic food storage, there…

Green On the Go

Learn how to be Green on the Go!

Flower Power

Hey Everyone! I’ve got a confession… I love cut flowers. I love them from my husband. I love them for table decoration and centerpieces. I love to give them to my Nana. Why is this a bad thing you’re asking? Well, because they are…

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